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Take a moment to consider which of your current advisors knows you, your assets, your estate, and your family well enough to answer these questions . . .

Can they name your children or grandchildren?

Do they know and understand your values?

Have they invested the time to know you and your vision of your ideal future?

Do they understand your family dynamics well enough to proactively offer advice about innovative strategies or ensure that your documents truly reflect your objectives and aspirations?

If your answer is "none of my advisors," rest assured you are not alone. Good lawyers, accountants, and other advisors have very narrow and focused roles. You do not want to retain them to perform services that fall outside of their specialty, and they don't want to volunteer—or charge you—for the extra hours that it would take to examine your affairs at this depth.

Of course you have advisors. Generally our clients had planning in place prior to engaging our services. Yet they hired us. Why? Because no other advisor plays the role of a comprehensive planner: digging deeper and coordinating all of the strategies that contribute to the overall plan. 

That's where J. P. Cannata & Associates excels. Where direction and follow-through make the difference. It's the essence of our entire process.